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Company business scope includes all kinds of optical lenses, optical components, such as product development, production and sales

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Xu and photoelectric technology


Dongguan xu and photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in optical coating of high-tech enterprises, with the current domestic advanced optical coating machine, ion source auxiliary coating equipment. Mainly engaged in the UV lens, lens, filter, CPL polaroid, PMMA, PC, PET, PVC, coating processing (single-layer antireflection film, multilayer film, beamsplitters, high anti film, transparent mask processing, flat ball, color filter, filter, high mirror, lens, prism spectroscope, increases, red, blue, green, yellow, sapphire blue wait for color film; Waterproof membrane, prevent the fingerprint film, superhard film, conductive film, the conductive film membrane). Products are widely used in: add a hard coating, optical devices and mobile phones, resin lenses, dual-purpose auto rearview mirror slice, digital cameras, home appliances and other electronic digital products. For UV mirror, laptop, mobile phone lens, all kinds of VGA camera, high pixel lens, glass lenses, special coating glass handicraft, etc。




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